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The Journey

A Jumbulance leaves the UK every Thursday between Easter and the end of October.  The Jumbulance crosses the Channel, usually by the Tunnel in the early evening, travelling through France during the night, arriving in Lourdes in time for lunch on the Friday. 

Local groups start at a location convenient for the group.  National groups start in the north of the country and generally travel southwards on the M74, M6, M1, and clockwise on M25 joining the M20 towards the channel ports.  Occasionally when required, the Jumbulance will cross to the east coast and travel down the M1. Click to see detailed information on popular pick up points and their map location.

Jumbulance pick up points are at motorway service stations en-route and as the drivers are driving to a tight schedule, generally these are collated in order to minimise the number of stops.  It is the travellers' own responsibility to make arrangements to and from the Jumbulance pick-up points. 
Whilst the journey may sound long, it is very unlike a normal coach and there is always plenty of activity to ensure it passes smoothly.   

Towards the rear of the vehicle there is a very well-equipped compact kitchen from which an almost endless supply of teas, coffees and soft drinks are provided.   A fridge, ovens and a microwave ensure that breakfasts, lunches and hot evening meals are supplied as required. 

Three fully adjustable hospital beds on the Jumbulance makes it easy for a VIP to relax in comfort and watch the countryside speeding past, while at the same time are set at a height that makes in convenient for the medical team to attend to nursing.   The double bank of bunk beds towards the rear of the vehicle, which are also fully adjustable, have been designed to provide bed rest especially during the night for other VIPs who do not require such intensive nursing.

Along the other side of the vehicle are 18 fully reclining seats with leg supports, which provide a much higher degree of space and comfort than generally offered on standard coaches.  

Also towards the rear of the vehicle is a fully accessible toilet with a wide opening door.   A wheeled commode is provided to take VIPs from their seat or bed into the toilet.

The Jumbulance is fully air-conditioned and provides a very comfortable means of transport for VIPs with even the most complex care needs.