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Promote Across

We understand that it is not everyone whose circumstances allow them to take time off work and, as much as they might like, give up a week and a half of their time to go and help others at Lourdes.

In that case there are still lots of things you can do to help us.

Firstly of course, you can support us financially and become a Friend of ACROSS but you might have more skills than just that!

We need people to promote us - in their parish, in their school, in their place of work - just anywhere.   The more people that know about us, the better chance we have of finding the hundreds of helpers we need each year to take our VIPs to Lourdes.

You can promote us simply by getting some posters and leaflets from us, and displaying them anywhere you think fit - a corner of your church notice board perhaps?   The noticeboard at your local hospital perhaps?  Please contact us and we will send them to you.

Alternatively you may feel confident enough to give a short talk about ACROSS to interested groups.   What about the UCM or SVDP in your parish, or even your parish priest might let you say a few words at  the conclusion of a Sunday Mass!   Maybe the local Rotary Club or Round Table? Many such organisations are keen to invite speakers to visit them and talk on matters of interest.   Often schools can use the concept of the Jumbulance - Lourdes - and selflessly giving care to others to mix in with a religious or modern studies lesson. 

What about a fundraiser in your parish or town.   Anything from a coffee morning to a dance or race night!    You might even want to organise a can collection in you local shapping mall! Anything which raises the profile of ACROSS is good and we can supply you with leaflets and more posters and the necessary collecting cans.

Our best and most memorable advert is the Jumbulance itself.   If it is possible we could try and fit in a visit by the Jumbulance to co-incide with your fundraiser or talk and if you were not confident about giving the talk yourself we might be able to arrange someone to do it.

There are all manner of ways to promote ACROSS and the electronic age is providing more and more.   Networking sites are an excellent example of reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people, but even just by sending an e-mail message to everyone in your address book you can help us!  To see an example e-mail click here.

Whichever way you think you can help us - please do so!