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Help Needed

Everyone who travels on an ACROSS pilgrimage normally pays their own way - helpers, nurses, doctors, chaplains and VIPs alike.
Costs associated with travelling with ACROSS are much higher than normal coach operators.   The Jumbulance, which is a unique vehicle built to extremely high standards, will carry only 24 passengers against a normal coach capacity of 50-60. In addition, there is the cost of medical supplies, oxygen, disposables and equipment which provides the support required to ensure that a pilgrim’s dreams are realised without sacrificing comfort and safety.
To operate on a commercial basis and to cover all costs such as fuel, tolls, hotel costs, wages, expenses, stationery, administration, maintenance, equipment and travel insurance, each pilgrim would require to pay nearly £850 per person, but the Trustees of ACROSS realising that this is beyond the means of many have taken a decision to seek to recover a contribution of just £699 in 2017.

Although a massive amount of work is undertaken by ACROSS Trustees and volunteers without payment,  this still means that all in all ACROSS needs over £150,000 each year of voluntary income to fulfil the aspirations of those who wish visit Our Blessed Lady at the Shrine in Lourdes and who need the Jumbulance to do it.

We therefore rely very heavily on voluntary income and fundraising events to cover the shortfall.
One of the best ways you can help is to become a Friend of ACROSS where you pledge any amount you can afford each month, quarter or year.  The knowledge that we will receive an amount on a regular basis to cover the excess costs of pilgrimages makes an enormous difference to our planning.

Alternatively you may wish just to provide us with a one off donation and you can do so by either of these two ways:

For those wishing to become more involved and are interested in organising a fundraising event there are lots of ways you can help in your parish or locality.   If you need any help or ideas you are welcome to contact us.