ACROSS 200 Club

For many years ACROSS has operated a very successful 200 Club and the proceeds help ACROSS to raise some of the £150,000 necessary each year to continue taking sick and disabled to Lourdes.

Prize money varies according to the number of members subscribing but 40% of income is returned to members.    Currently prize money will be £150 first prize each month and the runners up prize £50.

In addition an annual prize is drawn each year at the Jumboball and the prize is now a whopping £1000!

Membership costs just £4 per month payable by bank standing order. Alternatively you can pay £48 annually either by cheque or by standing order.  

This is the same as the cost of purchasing a lottery ticket weekly and the chances of winning are infinitely greater.   In addition you know where all the proceeds are going to - and no one takes expenses or receives any profit.

Come and join us! You can't win it if you're not in it!

Download your 200 Club application form, or alternatively you can e-mail or call the ACROSS office to ask for one to be sent to you.

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