2017 Pilgrimages

National Pilgrimages

Our national groups, which any individual may apply to join, as are follows in 2017. We are looking for nurses, doctors, chaplains and helpers to join us.

Group No.



Information/ Group Update


29th June – 8th July

Maureen Duffy

 Group Full


13th July – 22nd July

Jo Casserley

Two VIP spaces


3rd Aug – 12th Aug

Debbie Hourihan

Helper and VIP spaces


10th Aug - 19th Aug

Pauline Veal

Limited Availability


17th Aug – 25th Aug

Marianne Wanstall

Helper and VIP spaces


7th Sept – 16th Sept

Ann Comerford

Helper spaces


14th Sept – 23rd Sept

Chris O'Hara

Helper, VIP and Nurse spaces


28th Sept – 7th Oct

Martin Sullivan

Helper and VIP spaces
Departs from Plymouth


12th Oct – 21st Oct

Jo Casserley

Helper and VIP spaces


19th Oct – 28th Oct

David McLafferty

Helper and VIP spaces

The majority of our groups depart from Scotland unless stated otherwise, with various pick-up points throughout the UK as the Jumbulance travels south to the Channel Tunnel and France. You can discuss your pick-up point with our office team.

You may apply at any time. For the benefit of our VIPs or disabled travellers, we will only be able to confirm your place on a group once a good complement of helpers has been allocated and we are confident that we can care for your needs.

Local Group Pilgrimages

If you are unable to travel on one of our National Groups you may be able to join one of our Local Groups.  If you are interested in travelling with one of our local groups please contact the office.


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